Dextrans are often used as thickening agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers, binding water agents.

Nextdext® should be used as gluten – replacer, as an enhancer of water retention and of textual properties, increasing dough viscosity, for better volume, texture, and final quality of bread and many other products!

Prebiotics such as Nextdext® are the most widely researched functional ingredients. Try our high molecular weight dextran to realize new functional foods & beverages, also with symbiotic effect!


Nextdext® plays many functional roles and can not only reduce the energy of food and and enhance digestive functions but also improve bread quality! Nextdext® improves your sourdough fermentation!

Nextdext® is a good alternative in supplementation of gluten-free dough with legumes (because of synergic effect)!


Dough cohesion, rheology and starch pasting properties were positive influenced by Nextdext® addition! The staling rate is also significantly reduced! Microbial shelf-life is significantly and naturally prolonged!


Nextdext® – added individually or in conjunction – is the best choice to obtain satisfactory quality of baking goods and wide variety of functional foodstaffs! Use Nextdext® togheter with proteins in non-gluten formulations; it will increase the final structure of bread and it also will help to retain gas bubbles and imparts a pleasing volume and texture to the bread and other dough systems.