Several biopolymers (or different mixtures of food-additives) with good perspective in food industries can be produced through fermentation, using selected microorganisms.

Such procedures are often more environmentally friendly and offer a cost-efficient and quality-competitive alternative to traditional manufacturing processes – such as extraction from natural sources and chemical synthesis.

Bio-erg has identified the production of natural biopolymers from renewable sources as its main core activity, taking an advantage of the know-how and expertise of the three company partners.

The constant demand, from the food industries, for new, safe, valuable and natural ingredients/additives are driving manufacturers to find new production strategies. In the near future, many ingredients/food additives will be produced through microbial fermentation and will reduce or replace synthetically produced or those extracted from animal or vegetable sources.

The manufacture of ingredients/additives from vegetable and animal sources represents a major market challenge because their production is strongly influenced by climatic trends, geopolitical factors, and the possible chemical contamination (mycotoxins) or infectious agents (TSEs) in the raw material from which the ingredients/additives are extracted.

Bio-erg is strongly commited to search for alternative sources to replace plant and animal originating food ingredients/additives using the most modern and advanced industrial biotechnology.