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Dextran, a microbial fermentative hydrocolloid

Cosmetics area

In skin care products, Dextran is used as a brightening agent, anti-inflammatory, and smoothing agent. The commonly-used ingredient functions to firm the skin, promote radiance, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Food industry

Dextran was initially studied in the 1950s as food ingredient, particularly as a thickener.

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waste water treatment

Dextran finds a wide range of application in waste water management. Many industries are searching for environmentally acceptable products for treating waste water effluent.

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Nutraceutical industry

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“ A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. ”

John C. Maxwell
looking for Collaboration with R&D of your COMPANY and with RESEARCH Centers to improve knowledge on Nextdext

BIOerg is always looking for new collaborations to take on challenges in the field of biotechnology for HMW DEXTRAN Applications. Collaborating with us means team player, to be innovative and have a passion for everything concern dextran and product improvement.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of specialists with years of expertise in food ingredients and additives.
BIOerg carries out consulting activities providing valuable technical and scientific support in different sectors of the food industry and promotes national and international scientific projects in partnership with several national and/or European food industries and research institutes.



Feasibility study for new product development

Development of new food prototypes and food formulations

high return on investment

Customer services

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We are here to help you to improve your product using our Nextdext: high molecular weight dextran, your new strategic ingredient!

Let us know if you have some interesting idea about dextran and if you need some product for testing!

Let's develop together the future of food and nutraceutical industries!
+39 347.5160380
+39 347.5160380